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July Wrap Up

Hey guys, Hocks here.

So… remember how I said I was going to be more active online this month? Yeah…so that definitely didn’t happen.

I did dog-sit this week though for my sister. The dog requires pets and belly rubs 24/7. I’m only partially kidding; he is a very spoiled thing and he knows how to get attention.

As for the rest of the month, well, I really don’t have an excuse. The first week actually went well. The rest of the month though, was spent being invested in fanfiction and YouTube (fan comics/fan videos). Specifically for My Hero Academia and Harry Potter. No I have neither read nor watched MHA/BNHA, but I do plan to! I just think the fan videos and stuff are super cool. As for Harry Potter, I have not read that either, but I have seen the movies and I pretty much know 90% of the plot. However, I’ve been reading a lot of fanfiction for it because I have an interest in Draco’s character. So yeah… I probably would have already passed my 100 book reading goal if fanfiction counted…

As far as other matters go, there’s still not much leaving the house. I have church on Sundays, and occasionally we’ll eat out, but I do appreciate spending a lot of time at home. It’s just a lot of that time is spent away from my computer, so I still have not put much effort into my blogging or social media. (Yes. I only use Instagram on my laptop. Don’t judge.)

You’re probably asking at this point if I even accomplished anything this month, and honestly the answer is no.


I did end up turning down both readathons I was planning for. Which was fine, but because of that, I didn’t really read anything this month. I am currently at 30 books out of my 100 book goal. I’m not doing very good with that right now, but I really am making an effort in August to read more and be better about my blog.

I only read two books this month, both were audiobooks.

  • Spellbooks and Stakings by Lily Webb – This is the second book to Broomsticks and Burials, which I read last month. It didn’t have as much humor as the first one, but it was still a quick and cute read.
  • Serious Moonlight by Jenn Bennett – This was a reread. I needed something cute and feel good for noise background, and I ended up listening to this. This was one of the books I read last fall. I’m not really big on YA contemporary that favors romance, but I do really enjoy the characters that Bennett creates.


  • If you missed any reviews, you can click on them below. I did only post three this month.

Starry Eyes || Spindle Fire || Tell Me Everything


  • My writing is still very much on pause at the moment.
  • No, I did not end up editing that fanfiction any for camp NaNo. Yes, I am starting edits this-coming week.

Next Month’s Possibilities

  • I am still very much planning to read more fanfictions involving Draco Malfoy. Yes, this will take up a lot of time. I’m okay with that. Truthfully, I don’t read fanfiction that often anymore. It comes in weird spurts now.
  • As I said, I will also be editing my Miraculous Ladybug fanfiction. For real this time. Some of that does also have to do with gaining motivation upon hearing news about season 4. The other thing getting me to do this is my best friend. We’ve started a bit of a motivation back-and-forth, so we’re both kept on our toes.
  • I will hopefully be able to read more this month. I got a book in the mail this past week that I was very excited for, so if nothing else, I want to read it. Fingers crossed I can get some more reading done though, even if it’s audiobooks.
  • I will be working on my Bookstagram this month. My laptop is finally going to be fixed soon, which means I can actually move it. Also I finally got a desk recently, so I can take picture while I’m reorganizing things in my room.
  • Reviews that will be up in August: I’m not really sure, to tell the truth… I do want to write one for As Old as Time and Serious Moonlight but I’m unsure about any others. I caught up on reviews last month, and I haven’t been reading enough to be able to post one a week like I’ve been doing.

What’s New on my Bookshelf (or the overflow beside it):

I don’t have any pictures, but I did get:

Daughter of the Burning City by Amanda Foody – I won this off Twitter early in the month, and it came last week, and it’s beautiful (it’s the UK edition!) and it has ace rep, and I’m very excited to read it!

Courtesy of my sister, I also received the Camp Half-Blood Confidential (companion to Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson series) and The Lion King (Disney Mouse Works edition).

How did your month go? Were you able to get everything accomplished that you wanted?

13 thoughts on “July Wrap Up

  1. My month was so-so, thanks for asking. Lots of work (which is better than virus-enforced unemployment) and I managed to produce some more story drafts. Right now I am building a point-of-sale system for a store. Sadly I hit some obstacles this month. Nothing that some brutal horse hugs can’t fix, though.

    I hope that dog knew how to behave. A friend of mine used to dog-sit puppies and his sanity was always put to the test…

    To be honest, I am curious for your opinion about the whole Harry Potter book series. I have mine but I won’t share it here. Beware the fanfiction too, or you could find too much Slash in it XD

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    1. New story drafts are nice. The horses are always good to have around as well, especially for times like that. My dog-sitting ended today, but he is VERY well trained dog. I could never get bothered by him…though he does like pawing at you if you don’t give him enough attention (which is basically any second he’s not being petted).

      Ugh, whenever I finally get around to reading the series I’ll let you know. So far I’ve only read the first book which I borrowed off a friend, but that was a few years back. I’m trying to get the entire series so I can read it back to back, but I’m still missing two of the books (as I’ll only buy them secondhand). And also if I’m being honest, the amount of slash in Harry Potter fanfictions involving Draco is rather impressive. It’s actually somewhat difficult to find stories that aren’t slash. I’ve never encountered that problem in any other fandoms. (Though to be fair, the fandoms I read from are rather limited.)

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  2. Star Trek was another victim of Slash afaik. The dirty secrets Kirk and Spock hid.

    Did you like the first Potter book back in the day? I remember I got started with the second book accidentally, because I found it in a library and picked it up out of curiosity. Harry Potter was not a world shaking force back then, so it was in an obscure corner, as if nobody actually expected a reader might want it.

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    1. Oof, yeah I can see that with Star Trek.

      Hmm…I can’t remember much about the book, to be honest…which should be pretty telling of my thoughts? It was a decent read, but I think the whole novelty of it was worn on me. Like I wanted to love it, but I just couldn’t. It was not a bad story, but as someone who’s always read a lot of fantasy, I guess it just wasn’t as “unique” or “special” as I would have hoped. But I suppose a lot of that is from seeing it everywhere all the time. I grew up with HP being this huge thing. My elementary school years was during the movies coming out, so it was always everywhere. Every local bookstore and library always had HP themes parties and release celebrations. Every single friend I knew had read it or were reading it, and I didn’t have a choice to get away from it. Which I think is why I pushed the book series away as strongly as I did.

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      1. I think a lot of the power Harry Potter had is that it presented you this parallel world that existed besides our regular boring world. Since we have been beaten to death with that concept, if you weren’t around when it was a new thing, I agree it is not very impressive.

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      2. That is true, I hadn’t thought of it that way. The way it integrates humans and magical beings was a strong part of it, but now contemporary fantasy novels are more common. I was definitely surrounded by HP growing up, and perhaps if I had of gotten my hands on it before I did Percy Jackson, I likely might have fallen in line with everyone else.

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  3. I find it totally reasonable that your sister’s dog expects pets and belly rubs 24/7. It’s the right of any good doggo. xD

    Good luck with your edits! I’m curious what Draco fanfiction you read. Are you a Dramione shipper? I have a friend who loves writing Dramione fanfiction. xD

    Hope your August goes more according to plan!

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    1. The dog knows his rights. But he’s a giant fluffy lap dog and it’s impossible to not love him!

      Thank you! And honestly, I read mostly Drarry (because I WANT friendship fics but apparently those are rare…) As for Dramione, I don’t dislike the ship (as the dynamics are virtually the same as Drarry and really it’s the only other ship I can tolerate when it comes to Draco), but they’re less common, and I don’t have much luck finding good ones. If you know of any, or if your friend has an account they upload to, please let me know, I’d love to take a look!

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      1. Oooh, I only knew a couple of Drarry shippers. It was never really my thing (Grindeldore, FTW).

        I know a lot of people enjoyed Lady Arturia’s work (

        My friend writes Dramione, but he writes DARK things. Like horror and all the trigger warnings haha. So I’m thinking they’re probably not your thing. He does have a couple of sweet fluff fics, though, if you’re interested: Nightmare Prince (

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      2. I’ve never read a Grindeldore fic, haha. I wasn’t very into Drarry until lately, I actually started out with Dramione, but that was years ago. Thanks so much for the recs/links!! With all of the fluff overload in some of these stories, I might want some dark ones before long… I’ll check them out!

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      3. You NEED to go read a good Grindeldore fic, man! I absolutely LOVE the dynamic. Ill-fated lovers is one of my tropes, and there’s really no one more ill-fated, right? Because you KNOW it can’t end well. Plus, two super powerful wizards with all that angst? So much yes. It’s such a fun dynamic to read (and write).

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      4. I totally did! I haven’t in … years? But I did for a while. Before Fantastic Beasts. Before it became a “cool” ship haha. I was, like, the only person in my circle who wrote it, and I had a couple people write me gift fics because they’d never read the pairing until they read my stuff lol.

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