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Never Have I Ever Writing Tag (Part 1)

Hey guys!

Since it’s NaNoWriMo month, I thought I’d have a bit of fun with a writing tag to stay in that writing spirit! (Even though my NaNo progress is, well, not really happening.) I found this through Margaret @ Weird Zeal, and the original creator is Bree Dawn @ The Long Voyage.

This tag is pretty long, so what I’ve done is split it in half, and the second part will be posted later on in the month.

We’re going to skip a proper introduction and get right into it!


  • Link and thank the blogger who tagged you.
  • Include the graphic somewhere in the post (or make your own!)
  • Answer the questions truthfully and honestly.

Never Have I ever…

…started a novel that I didn’t finish.

Oh, yes. All the time. I either get bored with the story and move on, or I’ll be writing for NaNoWriMo, get busy after November, and never finish.

…written a story completely by hand.

Yes! I love hand writing. I kept a composition notebook on hand in high school and college where I would write character profiles, fanfiction, and short stories. At one point I wrote a novella as well. I’m not sure the exact word count, but it’s over 30,000 words.

…changed tenses midway through the story.

I have. This tends to happen more when I’m handwriting, likely because I go longer between working on pieces. All of my stories vary between POV and tenses, so I always get confused which I’m working with in a current story.

…not researched anything before starting a story.

I don’t research for short stories or anything in my composition notebooks. As for novels, my earlier ones were not researched. More recent ones usually are for names or if I’m trying to mimic a certain time period/age. If I do research, I actually do a lot it during the writing process, not prior to starting.

…changed my protagonist’s name halfway through a draft.

Nope. I get very attached to names because I spend a lot of time researching them beforehand. My main characters never have their names changed.

…written a story in a month or less.

Uhh…maybe? I *think* I “finished” one NaNoWriMo novel during November. I basically rushed the last few chapters just so I would have a loose outline of events.

…fallen asleep while writing.


…corrected someone’s grammar IRL/online?

All the time. Usually it’s mentally, but I physically do this with friends. My best friend and I make fun of each other’s grammar mistakes while texting.

…yelled in all caps at myself in the middle of my novel.

Ehh…more like yelled in a little comment bubble. I really only use all caps when I’m trying to emphasize a part of the story I need to go back to or fix. I like my drafts to stay fairly clean while I’m writing.

…used “I’m writing” as an excuse.

Heh. One advantage of having few friends. You don’t *need* excuses. I had introverted friends and friends I could only communicate with via phone, so I never really needed excuses to get out of things. However, I did like writing and doing homework at my college dining hall. I also worked there, and since I was usually in the same spot, I often had other employees coming up to me to talk or want to sit with me while they were on break. If I wasn’t in the mood for dealing with people, this was among my list of “excuses” for why I wanted to be left alone.

…killed a character that was based on someone I know in real like.

…Does killing a character based on myself count? I can’t recall killing off a character that was based on someone else though.

…used pop culture references in a story.

I’m actually not sure… I probably have on some level, but I can’t think of any right off. I use older references sometimes…Alice in Wonderland is a common reoccurring references I use.

…written between the hours of 1 a.m. and 6 a.m.

Oh, always. I’m very much a night owl, plus I have fewer distractions at night. If I’m working on NaNoWriMo, I spend several nights writing until 2 or 3 a.m. Also, used to, when I couldn’t sleep, I would write in my composition notebooks to tire myself out.

So here are my answers for the first half!

How is your writing going? For those doing NaNoWriMo, how is your progress coming along?

5 thoughts on “Never Have I Ever Writing Tag (Part 1)

    1. Thank you! ❤️ I absolutely love writing by hand. I didn’t have a lot of access to a computer when I was younger, so I became used to always writing things out. When I did get my first laptop, I hated typing on it, so I just stuck with handwriting and since I was writing (or drawing) so often, I suppose I got used to it! I also find I get a lot less distracted when I’m handwriting, versus being on a device, which I think is why I have such a strong preference for it.


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