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TTT: Characters I Might Name a Pet After

Hey guys! Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted over at That Artsy Reader Girl.

This week’s topic is “characters I’d name a pet after”.

I don’t currently own any pets. In the past, I’ve had three dogs, 5(?) goldfish, and a red minnow. The fish went unnamed, and the dogs were named by my parents (more or less). Truthfully, I don’t know if I’ll ever get my own pet, but if I do, it would probably just be a cat. Or two.

When it comes to names, I find it easier being able to physically see what I’m naming, or to be able to discover its personality first. That said, I do have a few names I like for a possibly future furry companion.

  1. KyoFruits Basket. If I get a cat, I want an orange tabby, as those were my favorite at the humane society I used to volunteer with. This name would be a perfect fit for a male orange cat.
  2. Kisa Fruits Basket. So what if said orange cat is female? Well, why not name it after the tiger zodiac in the same manga?
  3. Percy Percy Jackson & the Olympians. Okay, this is partially cheating because this is what I named my sister’s dog. (Yes, I got to choose his name.) He’s a long haired black and white Pitbull mutt. Very sweet, fluffy, and definitely spoiled.
  4. Roxy Diamond Willow. Roxy is the name of a sled dog, so it might be a good fit for a husky or Alaskan Malamute.
  5. Stitch – Lilo & Stitch. What? There are books now, so it counts, right? I have no idea what pet I would use this name for though.
  6. Max Maximum Ride. Actually, I don’t know if I would use this for a boy or a girl, but I do like the name. Most likely for a dog. Maybe some sort of shepherd?
  7. Yuki Fruits Basket. I love this name because it means “snow”, so it would be very fitting for a fluffy white dog. Or cat, I guess.
  8. Sagwa Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese Cat – If I’m ever lucky enough to own a (female) Siamese cat, or a cat with similar markings on its body, this will be her name.

I’m surprised I managed 8, to be honest.

Have you ever named a pet after a book character?

19 thoughts on “TTT: Characters I Might Name a Pet After

  1. Well, I had a dog called Arwen, a dog called Conan and a dog called Ayla. I think that fills my quota of book inspired names.

    By the way, I have found rats make for great, affordable pets. The are surprisingly loving and loyal. They are also very naughty, so beware when they want to play hide and seek!

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    1. My first thought at Conan was an American TV host…haha, I don’t know any books with the character name. Arwen is a cute name for a dog.

      I can’t have pets where I am now, and if I get any cats, I’m not sure how they’d feel about rats. I actually have heard that about rats though. I know they aren’t the same thing, but I had actually debated getting a mouse at some point. I kinda like rodents. I do prefer a pet that isn’t always hand-on though, which is one reason why I greatly favor cats over dogs.

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      1. Just in case it was not clear, my dog was named after Conan the Barbarian.

        He was a pulp character from the golden era of pulp magazines. Howard wrote a single book about him. Most Conan material consists in short stories.

        Mice definitively have a liking for me I think. At least the barn ones don’t hide from me anymore. I remember once it was raining frogs and dogs and I was on my way to the barn with a bag of pelleted food for horses. A baby mouse climbed up from the bag to my hand and he startled me, so I ended up dropping both the bag and the mouse on the flooded ground. The horses came for the bag stomping all around and I felt stupid looking for the mouse, ensuring he was not drowning in the water or whatever. In the end he had hidden in the bag of food, so I took him to the barn and released him near all his micefriends.

        That said, what I have heard from experienced people is that mice will stab you in the gut for a piece of corn. Rats are much more loyal.

        I prefer pets that do care for you. Dogs and horses do. Most cats only want you as a slave 😦

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      2. Yeah, I had to look it up to see who it was, but I don’t know anything about him.

        I’m glad the mouse had a happy ending, haha. I fear most people would have rather let it fight out on it’s own or let it die. I don’t know many people who like rodents.

        See, I hear an unusual amount of stories like that for cats, but I absolutely loved the ones at the humane society and never experience any of that… Only one cat I ever had problems with, and that was because she had turned mostly feral, but she left everyone alone. In fact, I was very partial to one cat that would stay up on my shoulders while I was cleaning the place.

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      3. If you can grab anything of Howard’s Conan, I highly recommend it. People has this idea that the stories are about a muscled barbarian whose only merit is chopping heads with a scimitar. Sure, he did chop heads, but the stories (surprisingly) had a plot and everything.

        I used to have cats back in the day, which is why I am a bit skeptic about a cat’s love 🙂 They remind me of a mare a neighbor had… she was an abuse case and my neighbor got her to his house. She would tolerate people up to some point but you could tells she was incapable of bonding with anybody, including the other horses in the field.

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      4. Honestly I can’t recall ever seeing a Conan book. But that’s likely just from lack of knowing what to look for. I’ll keep that in mind though.

        We did have cats like that at the humane society, but we also had dogs that way. I imagine that could be due to similar circumstance though. My dogs growing up weren’t exactly playful and loyal either though, so I’d say I’ve had better experience overall with cats.

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