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Best and Worst Reads of 2020

Hey guys!

I’ve recently done an end of the year tag and a New Year’s tag, but I couldn’t go without a post dedicated exclusively for my 2020 reads! This is a post I’ve done a couple of times before, and I always enjoy writing it and reflecting on what type of books I read during the year and my thoughts towards them.

I read 38 books during 2020, which is actually the most books I’ve read in a year since I’ve started the Goodreads challenge (2016)!

Some “stats”:

    • 3 manga
    • 1 anthology
    • 3 review requests
    • 3 middle grade
    • 7 adult books
    • 8 rereads

This is quite a mix for me, especially as I don’t really read adult books or anthologies.

I am extremely happy with my progress for 2020, but that also means there’s more books to choose from! So let’s get started.


Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo I LOVED this duology. The characters, the setting, the writing, the plot…everything was amazing.

Check out my reviews for my full thoughts: Six of Crows || Crooked Kingdom

One of Us is Next by Karen M. McManus – I was so nervous before reading this because I thought there was no way it could meet the high expectations I had. I was very wrong. Everything about this story impressed me, from the new characters we follow, to the mystery, and even the appearances of the Bayview Four. While I have decided I like the first book slightly better, I was definitely satisfied with this sequel.

My review: One of Us is Next

There’s Something About Sweetie by Sandhya Menon – I love her books, so I was glad to get a copy of this as quickly as I did. The fat rep many me very happy, and Ashish and Sweetie were such great characters to follow.

My review: There’s Something About Sweetie

Starry Eyes by Jenn Bennett – While this book was only 3-stars for me, I absolutely fell in love with Zorie and Lennon. Here we have a friends to enemies to lovers trope that works amazingly well, plus all of the family dynamics and outdoor description and adventure mixed together so well and created an amazing story that was messy and real, but still just as cute.

My review: Starry Eyes

Biggest Surprise

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Magic & Mystery: Broomsticks and Burials by Lily Webb – As someone who rarely reads either paranormal or [cozy] mystery, I wasn’t really expecting to like this. In fact, it was chosen at random for a readathon…I like the color purple, okay… However, every chapter was filled with so much humor and kept me entertained through the end. It was lighthearted, while still keeping some suspense throughout. Also the narrator for the audiobook was really good.

Least Favorites…

Spindle Fire by Lexa Hillyer – I had such a hard time getting into this story. I cared little for the characters, I was constantly bored, and many things didn’t make much sense.

My review: Spindle Fire

Once Upon a Dream and As Old As Time by Liz Braswell – Such bad luck with fairy tale retellings. Based off of the Disney version of Aurora and Belle, respectively, neither of these held my attention very well (despite Belle being my absolute favorite princess), and there were so many questionable things about both stories. I also don’t care a lot for Braswell’s writing, it seems.

My review: Once Upon a Dream || As Old As Time

Tell Me Everything by Sarah Enni – While there were many things I disliked about this book, plain and simple, I really hated the message this book appeared to tell by the end. For a book about art and art anonymity, this book did not go the way I hoped it would.

My review: Tell Me Everything

The Betrothed by Kiera Cass – I enjoyed The Selection series back in high school, and even more recently, The Siren, so I was hoping good things for this one. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get into this one. The characters were atrocious (except for Etan), the storyline and insta-love made little sense…in fact the entire ending of the book made little sense, and honestly I don’t know the first thing about what any of the characters looked like, or even their personalities.

Most Disappointing


Wayward Son by Rainbow Rowell – This book wasn’t necessarily bad… I just had a difficult time with it. Carry On was full of so much fun and magic and adorable scenes. Wayward Son was slow and read like a contemporary road trip, and it seriously lacked that cuteness factor… I was very unimpressed with this book, enough so that I reread Carry On shortly after and didn’t find as much joy in it as I did before.

My mini review: Wayward Son

Most read author:

Sandhya Menon – 4 books:

    • When Dimple Met Rishi
    • There’s Something About Sweetie
    • Of Curses and Kisses
    • 10 Things I Hate About Pinky

2020’s reading was a bit weird because I had a lot of “meh” books, and a handful of books I didn’t at all care for…far more than usual, but I also had a few books I absolutely fell in love with.

Have you read any of these? How did you feel about them? What were your favorite or least favorite reads of 2020?

4 thoughts on “Best and Worst Reads of 2020

    1. I was going to say I hadn’t heard of that book, but that’s a Sarah J. Maas book, isn’t it? I have not read any of her books lol

      The Six of Crows duology was my all-time favorite read of 2020! (And there’s a chance it might be on my 2021 list as well because I’m 90% sure I’m probably going to reread after I finish the Grisha books.)

      OoUiN is soo good! (I may also be biased because Bronwyn and Nate are in it and they’re one of my favorite pairings.)

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