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TTT: New to Me Authors in 2021

Hey y’all!

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by Jana over at That Artsy Reader Girl.

This week’s topic: new to me authors I discovered in 2021. I actually read from several new authors in 2021, but I’m just going to list ten of those that I’ll probably pick up more books by eventually. I’ll also be including the book(s) I read by each.

Marissa Meyer

Read: Instant Karma, Cinder

Tracy Deonn

Read: Legendborn

Wendy Mills

Read: Positively Beautiful

Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Read: The Inheritance Games

Amparo Ortiz

Read: Blazewrath Games

Maureen Johnson

Read: The Box in the Woods, Truly Devious

Emma Lord

Read: Tweet Cute

Jennifer Donnelly

Read: Stepsister

Kat Cho

Read: Wicked Fox

Evelyn Skye

Read: Circle of Shadows

Have you read from any of these authors? What did you think about the book you read?

9 thoughts on “TTT: New to Me Authors in 2021

  1. Oh hey, Jennifer Lynn Barnes made my list this year too. And fun to see Wendy Mills; I read that book a few years back and definitely enjoyed it. This made me realize I never got around to reading her other YA novel. I’m surprised she hasn’t been more prolific, for the quality of her writing.

    Jennifer Donnelly is also a fave, though I’ve only read 3 of her historicals (A Northern Light, Revolution, These Shallow Graves).

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    1. I had no idea who she was! I accidently checked out one of her books thinking it was by Emma Mills and didn’t realize it until I got home, but I figured since I already had the book, I mine as well give it a read. I really enjoyed it, but truthfully didn’t even know she had more books out.

      I wasn’t a huge fan of Donnelly, but I’m not sure how her historical compares to her fantasy. I’ll have to give those a try one day.

      Sorry for the delayed response, thanks for stopping by!


    1. I know I need to! My plan was to binge read them but our library lost the second one and I never had the chance to put it on hold to pull from another library. That’s definitely a goal for this year to finish them though!

      Sorry for the delayed response, thanks for stopping by!


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