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First Line Friday 56

Hey y’all!

First Line Fridays is hosted over at Hoarding Books where you give the first line of a book. Friday 56 is hosted over at Freda’s Voice where you turn to page 56 (or 56%) and choose a passage to share. The same book is used for both, with the cover and synopsis at the bottom of the page.

First Line

The greatest card trick in history is known by many names. Sometimes it’s called Topping the Deck; sometimes, The Ambitious Card. But most magicians know it as The Trick that Fooled Houdini.

Page 56

I have a plan. For now, anyway. The rest – it’ll take care of itself. I have faith in my good karmic juju.

The future will be fine.

I’m fairly confident of this.1

What’s the book?




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The Secret Science of Magic by Melissa Keil


Joshua is good at magic tricks, ignoring his homework, and not thinking about life after year twelve. He’s not so good at talking to Sophia, the genius in his class who he’s had a crush on for years. But with their time together in high school running out, he has to do something about it, soon – because if he’s learned one thing, it’s that timing is everything,

Sophia is smart enough to know that geniuses like her can end up as socially inept recluses. In fact, maybe she’s halfway there already, what with the panic attacks and her best (and only) friend Elsie drifting away. All Sophia can do is seek refuge in what she understands best: maths, science, logic. But there’s no logical explanation for the odd, almost magical things happening around her. And there are some things no amount of study can prepare you for…

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