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February Wrap-up || 2022

Hey y’all. February is a short, busy month. The first half of the month is always occupied with family birthdays, and the second half always just blurs together. I haven’t been posting for the last month, having gotten so behind on things the first part of the month, and admittedly I still haven’t caught up… Continue reading February Wrap-up || 2022

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March Wrap-Up || 2021

Hey y’all! Spring is finally here! I don’t have a favorite season, however I enjoy spring well enough. Our Loropetalum are in full bloom, my olive tree is once again putting out new leaves, and everywhere you go there are cherry and dogwood blossoms. It’s such a beautiful time of year. I don’t spend much… Continue reading March Wrap-Up || 2021

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January Wrap-Up || 2021

Hey y’all! Hocks here. How’s everyone doing? How did the first month of the new year go for you? Did you break any of your new year resolutions yet? (No judgement zone here, I’ve already “failed” a few myself, honestly.) Anyway, I have to admit, this year is already looking much better and more productive… Continue reading January Wrap-Up || 2021

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My Reading Journey From a Kid to Now

Hey guys, Hocks here! Fair warning: This is gonna be a long post. BUT I hope it gives you some insight to my background as a reader and blogger! Some weeks ago, there was a Top Ten Tuesday topic about “signs I’m a book lover”, and in writing that post, I admitted to not exactly being a book… Continue reading My Reading Journey From a Kid to Now