Howdy y’all! My name is Hollie! (AKA Holliehocks)

My Thing About Books was created to focus on book reviews. Over time, it turned into a writing blog as well and covers a variety of topics within the two categories. While the blog was started during my freshman year of college, I did not become very invested in my blogging until 2020.

I do accept review requests from authors and publishers. My email can be found under “contact me”. Information about review requests can also be found in the “review request information” tab (found under “contact me”).

Alternate versions of book reviews may be found on Goodreads or Amazon under the same name. No other content on my blog should be reproduced. If found elsewhere, please let me know.

All opinions reflect my own and are in no way influenced. Characters in my writing are fictitious, and any resemblances to real people is purely coincidental.

Book review rating system:

I couldn’t finish this book. I really didn’t like it. This is extremely rare.

This book wasn’t interesting to me. I didn’t care for the story line or characters.

This book was okay. Might not remember much about it in a few days. It wasn’t a very impactful story.

This book was great. I would recommend it to others and/or read it again.

This book has become one of my new favorites. I’ll be recommending it and buying a copy if I don’t already have one.

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